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Welcome to Online Marketing Guys. This is the show for small businesses looking for information about online marketing. From your website, SEO, content marketing and social media, our team will talk about the best practices and strategies that will help your business grow a robust online presence, and get found!
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Feb 28, 2016

Canada's own Kat Macaulay joins co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff on this week's episode of Social Monday. Kat is a social media and digital marketing professional with TAKCAM. She works in the insurance industry building awareness for brokers using social media and digital marketing tools.

Kat explains that omg the surface, insurance might not seem to lend itself well to social media. But listen to this episode to learn how she was able to work within the corporate structure to create a vibrant online presence.



Feb 21, 2016

It was launched in 2010. Facebook purchased it for nearly $1billion in 2012! What is it? It's Instagram!

The mobile app is wildly popular with young people. In fact, 90% of its users are under 35. But the oldest members of that group are in their 30s, working and earning a living with disposable income. When you add the fact that 60% of its user are women, the all-important buying demographic, suddenly Instagram is an attractive place to market you brand. 

Co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff discuss this mobile app on this week's podcast episode of Social Monday.


Feb 14, 2016

Twitter has changed how users will see tweets.  Gone is the reverse-chronological order of all tweets that has been a mainstay with Twitter since its inception.  Now users will see tweets based on relevancy, with a Facebook-like algorithm deciding what to show.

Twitter continues to tweak its service to attract business investment and advertisers.

Co-hosts Bob Turner and jason Goff also talk about Medium.  It's a content creation site similar to Tumblr. On Medium, though, the focus on writing good content.  If users like your story, then it can move up and be recommended to all users.  We explore this site on this week's episode of Social Monday.

Remember, make every Monday a Social Monday!



Feb 7, 2016

It's Super Bowl week and Social Monday co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff are talking about...what else...Google Plus!

The social site has been around since 2011, but it hasn't been an easy road.  With a unique feature that differentiates it from other social services, Google Plus tends to get lost, or to be compared to Facebook as a sort of knock-off.

Yet, for businesses, this social network has some real advantages.  Having an active presence on the site can help your website's search rankings.

So the question remains, what is the future for Google+?  Bob and Jason try to take that question on this week's episode of Social Monday.

Remember, make every Monday a Social Monday.