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Apr 25, 2016

Social Media Marketing World is becoming the annual conference to attend for marketers from around the world.  The event is held in San Diego, California every spring.  This year, the 4th annual meeting saw over 3000 attendees from 55 different countries.

There were several big topics.  During his closing keynote address, Mark Schaefer talked about the content shock that is happening on the internet today.  It is expected to grow by 500 percent by 2020, which presents a real problem for marketers: How do businesses get noticed will all the stuff out there?

To get noticed, Schaefer suggested creating great content and being more human.

Live streaming video was again a major topic at the conference.  Last year, it was Meerkat and Periscope.  This year, Meerkat has faded from view, Periscope is still around, and Facebook Live is coming on strong.  This trend only appears to be growing as 73% of marketers who were recently surveyed report that they plan to increase the amount of video in their marketing strategies this year.

Facebook ads was also another hot topic at the conference.  The social site picked up 505 more advertisers in the last twelve months.  In fact, Andrea Vahl's Facebook Ads session was standing room only.  Her presentations was slotted during the last session time on the last day of the conference, a time when most people leave these events early.  It speaks to Andrea's popularity and that of her topic.

The mobile app Snapchat has also come on big this year.  Once thought to be just a knock-off way for kids to share photos, this service is delivering some big numbers.  consider this: in May 2015, the average number of video views was 2 billion per day.  This year, in February, that number grew to 6 billion per day!  That much video content being viewed has to be attractive to marketers looking to reach this young demographic.





Apr 18, 2016

The 4th Annual Social Media Marketing World is happening this week in beautiful San Diego, California.  The three-day event draws online marketers and social media managers from around the world.  This year, some 3000 attendees are expected.

Social Media Examiner sponsors this event.  On this week's episode of Online Marketing Guys, Marketing Manager Jennifer Ballard gives us a preview.    

The conference has grown every year since it first started in 2013.  At that time, 1200 people attended the event held at San Diego's larges hotel, the Hyatt Regency. 

In 2016, the event has moved to the San Diego Convention Center, the same venue where the massive Comic Con convention is held.

Social Media Marketing World offers educational sessions on not just social media marketing, but other areas of online marketing such as blogging, podcasting, video, measuring and analytics.

The event started Sunday afternoon with eight workshops.  The official kick-off, though, was Sunday night.  That event was held on the U.S.S. Midway, a decommissioned aircraft carrier that first went into service in 1943.

Co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff will have more on SocialMedia Marketing World next week.  Online Marketing Guys is a production of Social Flair and

Apr 10, 2016

If you are producing video to help market your business, then you don’t want anything in that video program to distract from the message. That’s why it’s important to make sure your technical elements are done correctly.

Thus, the production value of your video needs to be as good as it can be. Many times, you only have one opportunity to catch the attention of consumers. If they notice your glitches more than your marketing messages, then your efforts have been wasted and your company’s reputation might be tarnished. 

Not long ago, producing a video with high production values meant hiring a professional video production crew that understood the technical aspects. However, the digital world has changed all of that. Today, you can have a quality video product with just a modest investment.

Paying attention to the following technical aspects will help you create quality work.


  1. Lighting – Viewers must be able to see the person or item on the screen. If your video is too dark and it is hard to make out, then don’t use it. Find an alternative. If your video has just one person on screen talking to the camera, then make sure that person is lit well. Light kits are available for as little as $100.00.

    You can also light a subject with natural light. Here’s a tip: Find an office or a conference room with a window. Place your subject facing the window. Then position the camera so it’s back is toward the window. Then use the natural daylight to light your subject.

    Conversely, “hot” video or video that is over lit is not acceptable, either. If you see a lot of white in your frame replacing your background or foreground detail, find a way to reduce the light.
  2. Stability – While shaky camera movements work well for dramatic purposes in film and TV, I’m not a fan of seeing them in marketing videos. They are very distracting!

    Consider investing in a tripod. You can find them at most electronics stores and they are not expensive. If you are using a smartphone to record video, there are adapters available that you can use with the tripod, as well.
  3. Level Your Image – To avoid distracting viewers, your video needs to be level. That means making sure your camera is set up in a way so that it is not tilting to one side or the other. Most tripods have a bubble level built into them. Use it!

    If you’re not using a tripod, then line the right edge of your frame up with a vertical line in the room such as a corner or bookshelf. Find something to help you level the image. Otherwise, the tilt will distract viewers.

    While tilting the camera worked for Batman in the 1960s, it won’t work for your marketing video!
  4. Sound – Audio quality is very important. You want to make sure that your on-camera subject is heard clearly. The last thing you want to have happen is a viewer wondering, “What did that person just say?”

    Audio recorded from a computer or smartphone microphone tends to sound hollow because they are not of good quality and are designed to pick up sound from all around a room.

    Instead, consider investing in a mic that is designed to pick up audio from just one direction. You can find lavaliere and handheld mics of decent quality for under $60.00.
Apr 3, 2016

Social media has become an important part of the marketing plan for many businesses.  To do it effectively and efficiently, you need a tool to help with posting, tracking and reporting. Hootsuite does all of that and more.

Co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff discuss Hootsuite on this week's podcast episode of Online Marketing Guys.

Hootsuite allows users to schedule their posts for up to five profiles on the free version, and up to 100 if you pay for a subscription.  Plans start at $9.99 per month, making this tool very affordable for social media managers.

Hootsuite also delivers additional functionality that social professionals need. The first is the ability to track a post's performance.  The tool provides valuable analytics so users can determine what type of post performs best.  

Hootsuite also offers a reporting feature which helps prepare the information your organization needs to see in a clean and efficient format.

While there are other scheduling, analytics and reporting tools available, Hootsuite carries out these functions in a central dashboard that is easy to use.